This is me. My name is ghostfire.

Your name is Julia, weirdo. Mine is Teresa. Mortimer is absent or biting his knuckles. Juliet is missing. Aislinn is doing her thang...

Dammit Teresa. I can't get one line and they already know.

Just admit it. You're doomed. Keep this up, and there won't be any room in your head for new people.

Now that's a blatant lie. You know very well that there are no boundaries up there.

We're proof of that.

Hey there you two. I haven't seen you for awhile. Enjoying yourselves?

Is the show still on?

Better you not know, actually.

Good enough for us.

Ever since you wrote that "Fun with Sheep" fanfic, they've been a little bit off, don't you agree?

I'd say it has something more to do with the monkey crack smoking Whedon-verse.

Aren't you getting a little off topic here?

And you're helping that how?

I seem to be the spitting image of somebody...

Nice to meet you.

Charmed. I'm so sorry about your massive blood loss.

I think it was inevitable. We didn't have a Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

Do you think that would have helped?

*sounds of them running off together and a curtain brushing closed behind them*

Mmmm. I don't think a soundtrack is necessary.

How come they get an entire universe and all I get is mauled by Teresa?

*fangy grins*

That's what you get for trying to seperate Charlotte and Meier. If you weren't so damn beautiful, we'd be doing far worse.

There has to be some way out of this place. I can't take much more...

There's no way out. Trust us. *maniacal laughter*