D/Meier Fight Question: Is D like a rodeo rider? Does he lose points if the hat falls off?

Question: If the Markus brothers were hired before D, and Alan and John Elborne argued over whether D should kill Charlotte if she was turned, how do they know that they get the money whether she's dead or alive? Shouldn't they be striving to bring her home alive at all costs?

Question: None of the other vampires or dhampyrs in either movie have constantly red eyes, nor does it seem that hair color is changed after being turned. Given his perfectly white hair and red eyes (which actually turn a slightly brighter/more vivid red when he has to resist the blood hunger), wouldn't that mean that Meier was an albino before he was turned?

Question: Stoning will kill a vampire but being cut in half with an ax won't?

Question: How on earth does one discover an ability like "my ghost dissolves mutants and demons"?

Question: And how does his ghost distinguish between "good mutants" and "bad mutants". After all, doesn't his ability make Grove closer to those demons he's killing than any of the rest of his family?

Question: Is Grove one of the Markus brothers, or was he an add-on like Leila?

Question: "If that day comes, another will hunt me. It's as simple as that." Does this mean that if D drinks human blood, he'll turn into a full vampire somehow? Or that he'll consider himself 'no better than' a full vampire, and give up defending himself if hunted? Does this mean he's never tasted human blood before? Even consensually? Even accidentally?

Question: Do the Barbarois remind anyone else of Nightbreed?

Observation: Damn but D's got some pretty fangs there.

Observation: And some pretty thighs...

Observation: Nevermind.

Observation: Two years of art school has introduced us to too much comic book theory. That nice big skull on D's belt buckle, right over his crotch, is enough to write an entire article on in itself. The fact that it's on a low dropped belt just adds to the effect. We can't help but grin. Apparently Meier has no such issues. ;)

Question: How was it that D was practically unaffected by Carmila's illusion? All the others seemed completely taken in, and it would have been much more believable if something had tipped him off that it wasn't real instead of just realizing from the beginning.

Question: Now that I think about it, was Borgoff a vampire or a zombie?

Question: Does D eat anything, or is his only source of energy what he gets through Left Hand?

Question: Do any clothes that a vampire puts on take on the sort of magical self-healing/protection/flight properties that their typical outfit consists of? Is is possible to fly in lederhosen and a tutu?

Question: Why did I just wonder if D crossdresses in his spare time?

Observation: Probably best no one answer that.