Does the vampire ever get the happy ending? Where is the big old cosmic law that says for trying to cheat death, your entire existence must be a lonely misery? And if you're not trying to cheat death, yet somehow end up with a set of fangs and a hunger for blood, you get a double punishment? When you wish for nothing more than a life a peace and happiness with someone who loves you, and because of that you are hunted down like an animal, is it any wonder that you end up full of anger and pain?

Owing to the fact that I already live in a nice little cocoon of my own fantasy world, I saw Bloodlust through filters that most people simply wouldn't understand. I went into it expecting... well, I wasn't expecting what I got. What I watched reached deep into my chest and ripped out my heart before twisting it around and returning it. In what sort of sick, messed up world ends the fairy tale? It's never supposed to end! That's the whole point! I've tried reality, and it just doesn't agree with me. On the other hand, would I have broken down and cried so much if everything had turned out just a little differently? Would I still feel tears well up as Meier faces the sunlight to try and rescue Charlotte? Would I feel as much disgust as she's slapped and held at knifepoint by her supposed "rescuers"?

I can almost understand why D continued to hunt them. He never saw Meier leave the only safety he had in a desperate effort to save his love. He never heard Charlotte's anguished cry as she saw the arrows hit. Never saw her run to him and try to hold him up when he was giving up from the pain and heat of the sun. And he never saw Meier cradle Charlotte in his arms and cry as she died.

For now, I'll keep my own small, sad theories to myself. There's no need to burden anyone else with them. I've got the pleasant newness of a fresh universe to roam around in and a new couple to defend. I'll watch them tell me stories and write them into fanfic. I'll try to draw what they feel like for me. I'll enjoy what happiness I get and try to share them with others, even though I want to keep them all to myself. Buf if you're going to argue with me, don't even bother, because I am psycho, and you have absolutely no idea.